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TalentED Consulting

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Your Most Valuable Asset Is Your People

Flourishing organizations are those who invest in their human resources—giving executives, staff, and board members the tools and incentives they need to grow their careers and hone their skills. 

What measures do you have in place to enhance organizational productivity, growth, and innovation? Increase employee retention and job satisfaction? Or encourage greater synergy among your leadership team?

TalentED Consulting can help you identify your areas of opportunity and create a TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED talent development plan for your nonprofit. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Board Governance Education
Leadership Development Programming
Talent Development Planning
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No matter your tailor-made plan, each includes:

  • A unique mix of online training courses from top-ranked business schools, including Harvard and Cornell
  • Facilitated discussions featuring industry leaders and prominent subject matter experts
  • Peer connections
  • Content application 

The online courses combined with the facilitated discussions, peer interactions and guides to support independent study create an effective and customized learning experience.

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A plan may also include one or more of the following:

1) Organizational Climate Assessment: Support employee engagement at all levels by gaining insights and data on staff perceptions of their work environment and connection your nonprofit’s mission, vision, and strategic planning. This offering will:
  • Administer a Situational Outlook Questionnaire
  • Analyze the data and provide a presentation with:
    • Insights into your staff’s view of your nonprofit’s climate and talent development opportunities
    • Benchmark your data against innovative and stagnated organizations
    • Actions you can take to support employee engagement and talent development planning

2) Customized Live, Facilitated Training

Also, TalentED can work with you to supplement a current talent development program, further customizing the critical capabilities and skills your executives, staff, and board need grow their careers and your organization.

What You Can Expect

Needs Assessment

After an initial reach out, TalentED will provide you and your team of decision-makers a Needs Assessment to complete. You will meet with your team and provide TalentED with one completed assessment.


TalentED will review your Needs Assessment and schedule a meeting with you, or you and your team, to discuss the assessment and further identify the learning opportunities that best support your nonprofit’s desired skills and goals.


TalentED will draft a totally customized development plan, likely containing several possible sections, sessions and learning modalities. 

Selection and Commitment

Upon receipt of TalentED’s customized plan you and your team will decide which sections you’d like to execute on and sign a commitment letter. 

Kick Off Plan and Milestone Check Ins

Once commitment is received, TalentED will kick off your development plan. The length will be determined by the number of content modules and learning opportunities included, and contain several TalentED milestone check ins.

End Project and Report

Depending on your tailor-made development plan you may have a final project to complete, or be provided with a Culmination Report from TalentED, including your nonprofit’s progress and how you benchmark in specific areas against others in your industry.

Invest in Your Human Capital